Life & Health

RSA Insurance offers the following Life & Health insurance products:

Life Insurance
Protect your loved ones with a Life Insurance policy. We offer the following Life Insurance products: 
  • Term Life - Available in 10 year (Ages 18-70) and 20 year (Ages 18-60) terms. 
  • Whole Life - Available in a variety of products for insureds from Ages 0-85. Riders available may include Waiver of Premium, Accelerated Death Benefit, and Accidental Death.

Supplemental Health
We offer the following (and other) supplemental health products:
  • Cancer (and 20 other specified diseases) - Everyone is at risk for cancer, regardless of age. This policy provides a range of benefits for treatment, surgery, hospitalization, extended care, lodging and transportation, and other benefits. 
  • Lump Sum Cancer Benefit - This policy pays a single benefit upon cancer diagnosis, from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on available options. 
  • Critical Illness - Provides lump sum benefits of $5,000 to $50,000 per covered insured person upon initial diagnosis of a covered illness. Rider is available to provide coverage for specified annual wellness testing. 
  • Intensive Care - Provides a daily benefit for ICU or hospital room confinement. Also provides benefit for Convalescence, Ambulance service, Blood services, and coverage for Auto/travel accidents. 
Disability Income

Your income provides your means of paying bills and living the lifestyle you choose. 

If you are disabled and cannot work and therefore lose that source of income, a Disability Income policy can replace a portion of your income every month for a defined period. This could allow you to maintain your lifestyle where otherwise you would face more difficult times. 

Eligibility and income is determined by your age, occupation, and income.

Individual Disability Income coverage is important to protect you and your family, however if you are a business owner, co-owner, or partner, you may purchase the following Disability products to protect your business:
  • Overhead Expense - Covers tax-deductible normal, necessary and customary expenses incurred to run the business in the event of owner disability.
  • Business Reducing Term - Coverage for fixed-term business payments, including business loans, purchase agreements, lease agreements, or employment contracts.
  • Disability Buy-Out - Provides funding mechanism for the purchase of the totally disabled owner's interest in the business. 
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All of the life, supplemental health, and disability products offered by RSA Insurance are subject to the company's underwriting guidelines and discretion of the company's underwriting department. Coverage and eligibility limits may apply.

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